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Comix roadhouse was an expansion to the existing Comix comedy club that Upland Architects completed in 2015 and consisted of over 13,000 square feet. The client had an interesting vision of bringing a Texas themed restaurant/ entertainment venue, including live music, dancing cowgirls and a bull riding coral to Mohegan Sun Casino. The venue was strategically placed just outside the Mohegan Sun arena box office with the intent of attracting patrons as they leave the arena. It was important to have a view of the entertainment action from all angles of the roadhouse including the entrances. This was successfully done by layering the activities from the entrance axes.
Upland Architects worked closely with StudioTyak, RZ engineering and Trimark United East Kitchen consultants.  One unique aspect of this project was that the Mohegan tribe has its own building codes. Upland was also engaged with some of the sub trades including graphics designers and sound stage consultants.  Upland focused much if its time coordinating the different consultants for this project due to all if its intricacies and complexity of its moving parts.

Upland continuously coordinated with the client and Contractor throughout construction to ensure the project was phased properly. The adjacent attached Comix Comedy club shared the same bar and entrance. The Comedy club was to remain open and operational throughout construction. The comedy club was temporarily using the existing kitchen behind the bar until the Roadhouse restaurant kitchen opened. Another interesting phasing exercise was to finish the Music stage portion of the project prior to New Year’s Eve. This was a time crunch and Upland was able to help with construction coordination and providing the appropriate life safety documentation to the tribe in order to open safely and efficiently.

Upland provided several place of assembly plans throughout different phases of the project. With over 750 occupants, the shared egress paths and exits of the existing operational Comedy club and the supplementary occupant load of the Music venue, additional code analysis work was provided for this project. Upland coordinated with the Tribe and the history of this space to determine a solution for proper egress and public safety.

StudioTyak’s interior design palette for this project was intricate and complex. Upland worked closely with StudioTyak to ensure constructability, material selection and code compliance. The project consisted of several radial millwork items, both floor mounted and suspended from the ceiling. Upland and Vine Construction coordinated construction methods and details and how they interrelated with other design elements throughout construction.
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