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  • Do I need an office?
    With today's technology, all you need is a wifi connection and a comfortable and professional place (in your home or apartment) where you can make phone calls and connect with us via our collaboration platform.
  • What kind of computer and software do I need?
    We provide you access to our virtual machines loaded with all the CAD and other document, email and spreadsheet software and other tools as part of onboarding with us as a Franchisee.
  • How do I manage the production of drawings?
    Our home office can provide the CAD drafting support for your first projects. You're primary focus is to build your client relationships, be the primary contact for your client and provide the concept drawings needed to move to the CD phase. A good laptop, wifi and a phone is all you'll need to start.
  • I have no idea how to run a business!
    The Upland Franchise model sets you up with plenty of businees know-how, systems and training. You receive continued and on-demand business support from us. Our website, brochures and other branding elements have all been establishes for your use as a qualifued Franchisee. You will learn the business of architecture and recived support in reaching your professional goals.
  • I'm not a registered architect yet.
    We are registered architects in almost all of the United States of America. Any project that you secure as a Franchisee that needs a seal from a registered design professional will simply receive direct oversight by us to comply with State requirements.
  • What is the process of joining The Upland Architectural Franchise?
    1. Request a Prospectus. 2. Attend our infomative webinar to learn more and see if this is a good fit for both of us. 3. In person question and answer meet-up. 4. Review and sign your letter of intent. 5. Set up your company. 6. Review and sign the Franchisee Document 7. 10 days of training and set up. 8. Start your Business!
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