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When a classic brand calls, you answer!  Friendly’s Ice Cream who has been in business since 1935 and one of New England's most recognizable restaurant brands needed to reimage itself.  They looked to Upland Architects to help them.  A desire to modernize, but yet stay connected to the roots that made Friendly’s part of the New England Americana was key.
Working hand in hand with the Friendly’s construction and operations team.  Upland Architects was able to develop a new building that not only met the operation needs to provide customers with great food, but we also developed a high-end modern building that appealed to today's customer.  The building was bright, cheery, and comfortable.  Although modern, it connected to the classic features carried from 1935 to today.  In essence, Upland Architects developed a prototype building that made roll out throughout the country possible.  This equipped Friendly’s with a tool that established brand recognition, speed to market, and budgeting advantage by understanding what the costs would be to build and fit-out the building.

Upland Architects has the expertise to develop roll-out programs for our clients.  We can work closely with our clients to not only design and build cost-effective buildings, but to also work with client's marketing departments to determine recognizable brand elements into the design.  Our programs from site feasibility and lease review...right through to construction documents, bidding, and construction services,  provide our clients with a one-stop solution for their architectural needs.

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